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After five days in southern Germany with one cousin and his family, I headed north to Muenster for the wedding of my other cousin’s son. It was a beautiful wedding on the hottest day of the year in Münster. But the wedding is Niklas and Livia’s affair. I will not be sharing that personal event, except to say that I felt honored to be invited and was so glad I could make it.

What I will share, however, is more street photography from Germany and France.FullSizeRender (00000003) FullSizeRender IMG_1850bw IMG_4037 IMG_4043 IMG_4046 IMG_4072 IMG_4073 IMG_4077 IMG_4583 IMG_4134I’m bad with my iPhone camera, but I’m even worse at using the iPhone video feature. First of all, I forget that I have it. Secondly, I can’t hold the dang thing steady for the life of me. And third, I couldn’t figure out how to both record this Metro performer while aiming the camera at her, since she was behind me and there were layers of people between us.